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People Foods That Dogs Definitely Shouldn’t Eat

Picture the scene: you’re around a friend’s house for dinner on a Friday night. It’s been a lovely evening, but now there’s the moment of truth—your friend’s awful cooking. Rather than stomach another gastronomic monstrosity, you quickly let their dog devour your overcooked cabbage and mushy carrots when they slip […]

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Winter Dog Walking Safety Tips

In Canada, the snow has been falling hard. The mercury has dropped well below any realm of warmth. Generally speaking, it’s too damn cold to step foot out the door. But were Canadians eh! We don’t stop walking the dogs when the cold sets in. But you may ask the […]

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Do Dogs Get Colds?

It’s that time of the year again, when the flu is going around the house and your workplace. That tickle in your throat has superseded into a cold or the flu. You’ve begun avoiding contact with family members or more likely are being avoided by them. Indeed this raises the […]

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