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Tell us a bit about your dog!

Tell us a bit about the lucky doggo!

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What size is your dog?

What size is the lucky doggo?

All boxes are the same price and can be changed at any time.
The size you choose will determine the size of toys your pupper gets!




Does your dog have any allergies?

Does the lucky doggo have any allergies?

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Which crate does your dog want?

Which crate does the lucky doggo want?

You can always change your decision later, so don’t feel pressured!
Duke’s Crate does have an additional charge due to the high grade toys.

The Themed WoofCrate

The themed Woof Crate includes 5-8 handpicked items revolving around a super fun theme. You will receive a crate that is packed with 2 nutritious bags of treats, 2-3 locally baked and decorated biscuits, 2 fun and interactive toys and an accessory or chew plus a hand drawn personalized illustration revolving around the theme of the month.

The Treat Enthusiast

The Treat Enthusiast Crate is an alternative to the Themed WoofCrate. Delivering treats and accessories with no toys, this crate is catered to the treat enthusiasts. You will still enjoy the theme, just without toy's!

Duke’s Crate

This crate is for the toughest chewers! Get a themed crate with tougher toy's for power chewers.

Select your plan!

Select your plan!

If the lucky doggo isn’t 100% happy with their WoofCrate, we’ll work with you to make it right.

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Double Trouble!

Double Trouble!

Popular Deal! Double your pups first box for only $29.99!
If the lucky doggo doesn’t finish it all, other dogs would be ecstatic to receive a little gift.

Add an extra toy!

Add an extra toy!

Add an extra toy every month for just $10.

Personalize the Box

Personalize the Box

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