Can dogs taste their treats?

Is your furry buddy a finicky eater? Just like humans, some dogs are very particular about the food and treats they consume. Funny enough, some of them eat their own poop. So what gives, do dogs taste what they eat? do they even have taste buds? and what types of food do they prefer?

They absolutely do! However, it’s important to remember the vital role nose partakes in it;s day to day life. They actually rely more on their sense of  smell than they do on their taste. If a particular food item or even poop smells good to that dog, then then the chances of them eating it are quite high. Read more about a dogs smell. Dogs are able to taste things that are sweet, bitter, salty and sour just like we do. A major difference between the taste buds of humans and dogs though, is that we have 6 times as many taste bud as they do!

What Do Dogs Like To Eat?

Although cat’s do not have a sweet tooth, dogs actually do! in fact, most mammals have a keen liking to sweet stuff. In contrast, dogs do not find salt to be a palatable flavor, so they tend to avoid food and treats containing salt.

As you know, dogs are more interested in the smell of food than they are in the taste of it! this is why picky eaters may need a more intense aroma in order to get their attention. This intense aroma is more often found in wet canned food  than it is in the dry kibble. A great way to minimize the risk of raising a picky eating dog would be to expose your pup to different food and treats while they are young! So, offering your dog both dry and canned food while they are a puppy, will keep them from being extra picky!

Peanut butter

If you’ve ever wondered, peanut butter is safe for your dog to eat! the only drawback is that you need to limit their intake of peanut butter since it’s high in healthy fats and protein. It’s also really amusing to watch! Peanut butter is definitely an all time favorite. You should check out our themed WoofCrate, often contains wholesome nutty treats.


Although some dogs do have allergies to corn, others will absolutely demolish a corn on the cob. It’s actually quite amusing to watch them scarf it down. Go ahead and give it a shot!

Ice Cubes

Weird confession, i love eating ice cubes! and so do many dogs. Not only is it satisfying to crunch and munch on some ice cubes, but its also refreshing and cold, especially for those hot summer days! Even if they aren’t actually eating the ice, it still seems to be quite intriguing. Oh yeah, and i guess it’s worth mentioning that the contradiction indications to not give your dog ice due to some dangerous implications have since been debunked.


I was surprise too! Dogs actually tend to really enjoy eating cabbage. I’m not one to judge, but maybe i’ts their taste buds, or lack there of. But hey, if my dog chooses to be health conscious, i definitely can’t complain.


There aren’t a whole lot of treats or food for that matter that i’d be inclined to share with my dog. At least not on their menu. But im sure you’ve noticed, they do not feel the same way about that. Most dogs would be more than happy to clean your plate after lunch or even drink the rest of your smoothie. Feel free to let your dog loose on some bananas. They are healthy, for your dog and even shareable between you two!

Just a little tid bit to end this off! if you want to have some fun, play all the videos at once, it’s sort of amusing. Smell you later.


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