Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth it?

Dog subscriptions boxes seem like a fun monthly treat for your pooch, right? Every month they receive a new toy, a premium dog food, or some other luxury canine product – all without breaking the bank. What’s not to like?

But while monthly costs seem like nothing at the time, they do have a sneaky habit of adding up. Nor are all subscription boxes created equally. That raises the question: are dog subscription boxes worth it? Or, are they a costly waste your pooch can happily do without? We delved into the world of dog subscription boxes to investigate. Here’s what we found.

What are dog subscription boxes?

Not all pet owners are familiar with the latest trend sweeping the pet world. Taking inspiration from loot crates and monthly health food packs, dozens of companies set about creating boxes for your doggies. 

The concept is simple: every month, a small box is delivered to your door without fail. Inside the dog subscription box, your very eager pup will find a chew toy or stuffed animal or dog clothing or treats or… well, just about anything to get your dog’s tail wagging. 

The services were an instant hit. 

With COVID-19 restricting people’s travel, dog subscription boxes were the next best thing to pet stores. Now that things have opened up, dog owners seem to be sticking with the concept.

But why?

Pros of dog subscription boxes

In 2020, one in five pet owners are turning to monthly subscription box services bought a subscription box of any kind. And with good reason. These weren’t all dog subscription boxes, but the logic was similar. 

What reason did people give?

It’s simple: 39% of buyers said they enjoyed receiving products by mail; while, 37% said subscription boxes are “easier than shopping.” That’s a major pro. Pet stores are fine… but in the end, they’re a giant warehouse, ironically ill-suited to dragging your pet around. Sure, some are a little cozier than others, but it’s generally not a great place to spend the day.

Then, there’s the sheer cacophony of choice. Which toy to buy? Which treat to get? Is this brand any good? Dog subscription boxes remove all the hassle. They select trusted brands and products that you know your pup will love. Plus, there’s that added excitement when the box hits the floors. It’s like Santa came early. 

While the price stacks month on month, it can serve as a stable barometer for your pooch spending. Rather than frivolously spending money on toys and treats at the pet store, you instead allot a set monthly amount. Think of it as your dog’s monthly pocket money. 

Cons of dog subscription boxes

Even silver clouds have a gloomy lining. What are the downsides of dog subscription boxes?

Well, while it’s easy to ignore your monthly subscriptions – we all do it – that money does add up. Even a relatively cheap $30 box will set you back $360 over the year. Some will argue that you’d already spend some of that on treats and toys. But at least when you go to the store, you control the spending. Here, you’re forking out cash whatever happens.

There’s also one simple reality: not every toy that gets delivered is going to be to your dog’s liking. That’s fine, normally. But, month on month, these neglected toys stack. While it’s not a big waste, it is still a waste. 

Then, there’s the environmental argument. All those toys, packaging, and treats all create unnecessary waste. Sure, many boxes can be recycled, and you’d still have waste from regular dog treats and toys. But there is the carbon footprint that comes from shipping.

Food for thought. But what’s the answer?

Only you can decide that for yourself. For us, however, the pros far outweigh the costs (yes, we would say that). Sure, there’s a small environmental impact from shipping – Sustainable shipping is making waves. And yes, your dog might not always like the toy. But you can give it as a present to another dog. It doesn’t have to stay hoarded in the corner.

As for price: every pet owner knows you already cough up tons of cash catering to your dog. Why not simplify the headache and guarantee high-quality products in the process? 

Seems like a no-brainer to us. But what do you think?

Top 3 Dog Subscription Boxes in 2021

If you decide to try out a dog subscription box – congrats! You made the right decision – then you’re suddenly hit with a wall of choice. Which one is best?

Here are our top 3 dog subscription boxes currently available.

Best Box – Woof Crate

Yes, we’re a little biased. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. As one customer recently said, “Woof Crate is by far the best dog subscription company in Canada!!” 

For $31 per month, you’ll receive a handpicked array of wholesome treats and toys directly to your door. Oh, and best of all – they’re all made in Canada or just across the border. So, rest easy about any shipping miles. 

Nor should you expect the same box for every dog. We know each pooch has its own unique personality, so we personalize our boxes to match. Now that’s special!

Subscribe to our Dog Box Today.

Best for clothes – Dapper Dog Box

While you receive a couple of toys and treats every month, you’ll also receive a beautiful limited-edition bandana. Best of all, it’s customized to your dog’s size and weight. Every month there’s a new exciting bandana – complete with a fun and seasonal pattern. From tie-dye to candy canes, there’s something for everyone.

If you want to dress your dog for the year, this is the ultimate doggy accessory. 

Best for healthcare – Bark Bright

Not every box needs to be full of treats. For as little as $1 per day, you can receive a monthly pack of doggy dental hygiene essentials. 

In each kit, you’ll find a 1-month supply of dental sticks, 1-month supply of triple-enzymatic toothpaste, and compliments from your vet. That’s a pretty awesome assortment. Useful too! Plus, all you need to do is pour a little toothpaste along the groove of your dental stick to guarantee excellent oral hygiene.

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