7 Best Gifts for a First Time Dog Owner in Canada

Few moments in life are as special as introducing a dog to its new home – even more so if it’s your first-ever dog. They’re a little skittish and nervous, unsure about their new family. Perhaps they sniff around or linger in a corner; slowly but surely, they open up, becoming a part of your daily life.

Celebrating this momentous occasion is always fun. Whether your neighbour, friend or partner becomes a first-time dog owner, you want to get the perfect dog owner gift – something no dog lover can live without.

Scroll through gifts for dog lovers online, and you’ll find an overwhelming selection. From dog beds to chew toys to GPS trackers, or a dog subscription box, the choice of dog owner gifts is seemingly endless. Navigating through these products can leave you scratching your head; “what should I buy” you ask.

No worries! Below we’re covering the best gifts for dog lovers – especially first-time dog owners. Here are the products no pooch can live without.

Best gifts for a first-time dog owner

1        Dog bed

No dog home is complete without a cosy dog bed for our four-legged friends to snuggle down. While some pooches find nothing brings them greater joy than a cardboard box, most dogs prefer something a little more… luxurious.

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes to match your pooch. Take the Casper Sleep Dog Bed, for example. Built from memory foam, it’s designed to relieve pressure while being rip-resistant. In fact, the nylon covering can handle even burrowing dogs – and it is 100% removable and machine-washable.

2        Dog subscription box in Canada

You’ve heard of HelloFresh and Graze – food goody boxes that deliver snacks or recipes for you to try. Subscription boxes are a simple yet convenient way to stock up on all your favourite treats.

There are even doggy subscription boxes: packed with toys, treats, and other canine delights. If you’re thinking of an original gift for dog lovers, subscription boxes are an increasingly popular choice.

WoofCrate, for instance, is one of the best boxes around!

Woofcrate Dog Subscription Box Canada

The subscription boxes are available every 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. You can also gift your friend a one-off box, so you don’t need to invest in a mammoth 12-month subscription (although it does make an incredible present). Even better, every box is 100% unique – tailored to the pup’s needs and likes. Whatever you discover in each month’s crate, there’s one thing for sure: your dog’s tail will be wagging!

3        Collar or harness

First-time dog owners will thank you dearly for giving them a collar or harness. Although once the gold standard, collars are increasingly regarded as uncomfortable for dogs – especially for skittish dogs. Pulling against their neck can cause problems if the lead becomes caught.

Harnesses, on the other hand, distribute the force throughout a dog’s body. No strangulation. No discomfort. Just a comfortable and secure means of controlling your dog.

Try the Wild One Harness – available in four sizes. It comes with a leash, a poop bag carrier, and three fun dog toys!

4        Chew toys

Whether it’s rolling around the living room floor or playing a little rough and tumble in the park, nothing… and I mean nothing… brings a dog greater joy than a chew toy. It’s something for them to get their teeth into!

You’ll want to avoid getting hard chew toys, like bone or antler. These can splinter, causing all manner of injuries. Softer toys are, therefore, best – if you can’t dint them under pressure, then it’s hard enough to break under their teeth.

It’s not always easy deciding what chew toy to pick. Try out the Duke’s Crate created with even the toughest chewers in mind! You’ll find delicious chewing treats and the finest chew toys available anywhere on the market.

Goughnuts, on the other hand, are chew toys designed to take a beating. They’ve got some of the best chew toys around with a selection of tug toys, balls, flynuts, doughnuts, and sticks.

5        Anti-chew spray

While any reasonable dog will devote their chewing time to their chew toys, we all know dogs can be a little mischievous. Indeed, leave them unattended, and you may return to find your dog going to town on your furniture legs.

The solution is an ideal gift for dog owners: anti-chew dog spray.

Created to be intensely bitter to dogs, even a lick of a treated chair leg will discourage even the most tenacious pooches. All anti-chew sprays are suitable for dogs, being alcohol-free and containing only natural ingredients.

6        Dog bowl

Perhaps one of the most important items for a first-time dog owner. The dog bowl is where a dog either eats or drinks from. Whether it’s delicious dry food or a juicy steak, you’ll want a dog bowl that can stand up to a battering.

However, you can get something special when you’re buying a dog owner gift.

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder, for instance, takes the headache out of feeding time. Set to a timer, it’ll automatically dispense a certain amount of food.

Meanwhile, the Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl is a collapsible bowl a dog lover can take on hikes, park walks, or just a day in the town.

7        Dog tags

After you learn to love your dog, you don’t want to be parted. It’s heart-breaking for any dog owner: even worse for first-time dog owners.

That’s where doggy ID comes in.

Some people plump for the fanciest GPS systems. However, a dog tag can work equally as well. More than simply a form of identification, dog tags are how your dog introduces themselves. With their name, address, and phone number engraved, a dog tag means someone can help them find their way home no matter where they go.

And your dog can look pretty stylish in their new tag and collar.

Choose the perfect dog owner gifts

We hope these gifts for dog lovers spark some ideas. Whatever you pick, remember to be fun yet practical. Sure, every first-time dog owner needs plenty of essentials, but it is a present after all – you want something a little bit special.

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