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Things we are working on!

We thought it would be awesome to include our amazing customers in the process of making WoofCrate better day by day. This is why we are including recent updates here. We would be grateful if you took a read through some of the changes we are in the midst of making and also changes we would like to make in the future. If you have something in mind that you think would make WoofCrate the best dog subscription box ever! Please let us know as we are all ears!


🍁 Starting in December, we will have freshly baked goods on a monthly basis. These will include cookies, biscuits and doughnuts. All decorated for the theme. 

🍁 Digital Artwork by in house artists for the theme! Let us know what you think. Hopefully starting in January. 

🍁 Ambassador Program Launched December (Post WoofCrate content and receive up to $10 for every sale you make through your unique coupon)

🍁 Partnered with Route for world class shipment tracking and protection to customers who opt in for package protection. Read more about this in the FAQ.

🍁 Looking into the possibility for addons for subscriptions as well as “shop the box” where you can get more of what you liked. 


We are here for you and your dog to enjoy the most out of life. We never stop innovating and will continue to put all of you at our forefront.