Wooftastic Canada

This month, your pup gets to experience Canada like we do! That’s right. A genuine taste of Canada just for our furry friends. And yes, the picture above is kind of cheesey. We know. But hey, a cheesy poutine is what makes it a good poutine. 

Canadian Goodies

Someone Say Treats!?

For Canada’s themed treats! We decided to go with some classic items. Of course, one of the items needed to be the sought after poutine. That’s right! now your dog has the opportunity to enjoy some of that cheesy, gravylicous goodness. These treats are wheat free and feature local Ontario chicken, slowly baked with whole barley and rolled oats. Next, you will see a bag of toasty Canadian Bacon with blueberries. An ingredient list so sound, you may want to try one yourself. 


You’ll notice delicious Pancetta Crunch Rolls made locally in Ontario! or if your pup is a bit smaller, we’ve put a Northern Bark chew! Both of these are great for your furry friends dental hygiene. Your welcome.

Super Duper Moose Toy

Inside your box, you’ll find  a really cute moose. He’s not real don’t worry. Pull him out and squeeze him. Feel that bumpy squeaker, this toy, is fantastic for your furry friends teeth, and when he chews through the moose he can play with the pill squeaker. Provided that it’s still alive at that point! 🦌

Did you know!?

There are an estimated 500k to 1 million moose that reside in Canada. They are the largest member of the deer family weighing up to 1300lbs! You definitely wont want your dog playing with one of these, but dont worry, the moose toy in your WoofCrate is fluffy and safe! Just make sure to watch over them.    

Doggy Tea

In order to fully experience Canada. We included doggy tea. You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with Canada. Well; as our history has it, we were once and still are in some part the United Kingdom. It’s also freezing here, so tea makes sense. Don’t serve it too hot, just warm! 

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WoofCrate For a Can

With every WoofCrate you purchase, we donate a can of dog food to a shelter!

furry friend loved!

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