80's Arcade Dog Subscription Box

Snackman 3 in 1 plush

Us 80’s & 90’s kids grew up playing the game, so it’s only fair we give the pups the same opportunity! Introducing the the 3-in-1 (seriously, you heard that right) Snackman toy that will have your pup’s tail wagging. Made with a squeaker and crinkle paper inside, your pup will love this new addition to the pack.

Robix Cube

Hilariously perplexing plaything that will have your pup wagging their tail in confusion! This mind-boggling twist on a classic puzzle toy is designed for endless fun, as your four-legged friend attempts to solve the canine conundrum. Unleash your dog’s inner genius with this amusing, brain-teasing toy that’ll have both of you in stitches!

Lamb Liver Bytes

Take your doggie dude out for a little fast food with Boucherie Burger Sliders & Liver Flavor Dog Treats. These 100% natural beef treats for dogs are designed in the shape of burger patties and crafted with a crunchy texture and savory flavor. They feature beef liver as a paw-fect source of protein and vitamin A. These beef treats are made in Canada and do not contain any additives, preservatives or artificial flavors.


Every crate comes with a delicious chew! This will keep them going for a bit and help to clean their teeth! These make less of a mess than bully sticks and are odour free! 

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