Zombie Care Package

This month, your pup gets to experience a popular fictional phenomena! We’ve sent you and your pup a zombie crate. This care package will serve to keep them healthy throughout the outbreak. They must move silently and stay well nourished. We’re helping them do that!

What's in the Zombie Crate?

Zombie Dog

Important Stuffs.

Inside you’ll see some delicious meaty treats! You’ll notice 3 different meats in this crate. Lamb, Duck and Beef. These 3 have been chosen specifically to make sure they are getting the benefits these 3 meats have to offer and keep a high protein diet. In order to keep fast and agile, nourishment is crucial.


You’ll notice a massive delicious Cheezy bone made with real cheddar from British Columbia! & inside is an extra chew made from duck in Ontario. This all natural chew has the added benefit of cleaning out their teeth. While the Cheezy bone will increase bone strength. Calcium will be very important!

Zombie Bob

Inside your box, you’ll find zombie Bob. He’s not real don’t worry. He’s got some crinkly insides which makes him super fun for your pup. The story has it Zombie Bob was turned but your pup is going to relish in victory. It’s their responsibility to take care of Bob…

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WoofCrate For a Can

With every WoofCrate you purchase, we donate a can of dog food to a shelter!

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