WoofCrate Ambassadors

Calling all popular fur balls!

Make up to $10 for every sale you make


Our Dog Subscription Box:
Curated With Love

We started WoofCrate with the intention of providing you with the most nutritious treats, durable and interactive toys that we can get our paws on. All in our dog subscription box delivered straight to your door. We are here for the people who love their pup the most.



🍁 No fillers

🍁 No artificial ingredients

🍁 No searching and waiting in lines at the store

❤️ Made with Immense love In Canada



There isn’t a better brand to stand behind. Join us!


Why become a woofcrate ambassador?

Posting your furry friend on social media has always been fun! You’ve likely taken some sweet pictures and videos of your pup before. The question is, did you get paid? It’s time you did. WoofCrate is paying 15% per pupstomer. Don’t miss out.  

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How does it work?


Apply for the ambassador program! Registration is at the bottom of the page and easy! We will get back to you within 3 business days.


Once you are approved, you will be set up with a unique affiliate link and/or coupon code to share with your pawsome friends and family.


Each time a sale is made through your link or code, you will get %15 commission. Yes you heard that right.

Our Ambassador Program:
Who Can aPPLY?

Eligible WoofCrate Ambassadors should ideally:


🍁 Have an active social channel such as: 


Instagram, Youtube, TikTok or some other medium of sharing images and videos with people.


🍁 Post WoofCrate content 3x per month minimum. (as much as you want to be cause this will allow you make more money)


🍁 Take clear and well-lit images which show off the crate and pup! (we want aesthetic images)


❤️ We would love to see current subscribers and fans apply to this program; current customers or just engaged on social media!