The Best Dog Breeds Around Babies

There are various dog breeds that can be great companions to babies. Dogs, in general, are quite smart animals to the point that they’re even able to recognize individual human voices and who’s interacting with them. For this reason dogs tend to be quite intelligent when it comes to your little ones. Helping comfort them in times of distress, making great play mates, and even alerting you when somethings off.

However, there are certain dog breeds that are even better than others when it comes to living with young children like babies. This is our: Top 10 “Best Dog Breeds to keep Around Babies”

#1 Golden Retriever

Golden retriever playing with baby toddler

Golden Retrievers strive in large groups, the more attention the better! Along, with this territory comes patience which another one of their specialties. This patience is what makes Golden Retrievers so fantastic with babies, from tail tugging to fur scratching there’s not much that sets them off. Retrievers are a very intelligent breed, their loyalty, affection, and gentleness is next to none and really excels around little ones.

#2 Beagle

Happy Beagle dog in top 10 list for best dogs to have around babies

Beagles are such happy dogs, you’ll be hard pressed to find them in a bad mood. Their overarching positivity bleeds onto all the surrounding them. Their always ready to engage on the next object, most likely due to their nature to work in packs. You’ll find them often very tame and relax, and very tolerant to noise making them great around babies. On the down side they due like to get into mischief, so its a good thing their super cute.

#3 BullDog

French Bull dog makes top 10 list for best calm dogs to be around babies

Bulldogs, the breed that makes you laugh for no reason! Maybe it’s just how cute and silly they are. Bull dogs are very protective by nature, so they instinctually clasp to the people most often around them. Paired with their gentleness, laziness, and need for comfort they make great companions around babies. They couldn’t be bothered by anyone as long as they’ve got food, a bed, and some love. Well unless their chasing the mailman…

#4 Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog is the best big dog to have around babies

It may seem ironic, but these big furry beast are big ol’ softies! They are well known for being amazing around children, and honestly, just about anyone else. They love being hugged, and just overall pleasing others. Their extremely intellegent and can sense when something is wrong, often even seeking out help. They are very adaptable and love to be a part of the family. The only thing you’ll have to look out for is they can be a bit clumsy when it comes it remembering how big they really are.

#5 Pugs

This pug is ready to serve and protect. Pug makes the top 10 list as one of the  best small dogs to have around babies.

These silly little guys have an internal need to follow and protect. They aren’t happy unless they are protecting you and by your side. These overly affectionate goofballs can be really sweet, and like to really relax and be loved at the end of a hard days work of following their loved one around. Around babies their sweet, and affectionate and quite tolerant.

#6 Boxer

One of best dogs to have around children. These dogs are loveable goofballs.

Boxers are sweet lovable goofballs, often sliding all over the place on hard floors, even into walls (lol). This is due to their playful nature, they love making friends and are very affectionate and tolerant when it comes to excessive contact, making them amazing around kids. There patience is among the best, and they really are just super loving dogs.

#7 Vizsla

Vizsla makes top 10 list for dogs that are great around babies

Vizsla is a breed that is just a bundle of energy if that’s your thing. They are extremely athletic and just love goofing around. Their energy is infectious, and can really spread positivity across the room particularly to your little one’s. Kids often find this breed fun to be around, and at the end of a long day of burning off energy, they love to just kick back and be snuggled.

#8 Labrador

Labradors are a very smart compassionate breed. They are great around little ones making them the best medium sized dog around babys

Labradors are an extremely smart and compassionate breed. They love attention, and just adapting to being one and the same with the rest of the family making them one of the most favourite dog breeds in the world. There isn’t much you can put past a Lab. Their smart, loving, gentle, friendly, cuddly, and can even read the room or a situation which makes them great with babies, and just about everyone.

#9 German Shepherd

German Shepherd the smartest dog in the world makes the top 10 list for one of the best and top dogs to have around children

German Shepherds are regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. Just like Labradors they have this ability to read a room or situation and even sense danger. This makes them amazing around babies as their instinctual need to protect brings about a calmness and patience that is really unique to the breed.

#10 Mastiff

Mastiff a big cutie of a dog breed makes the top 10 list for best dog breed around baby's

These big droolers may look like a meanie, but they are far from it. Mastiffs are just another big ol’ softy! They love building friendships and bonding with their loved ones and exert a certain unique calmness to them. Around children, mastiffs just like to chill and be loved, and return love, they love living life in a simple fashion.


If you’re the type to go for bigger dog breeds, then it’s highly recommended that you go for a Newfoundland. These dogs are very gentle and affectionate. They are very playful with children, but also have a strong sense of responsibility around them so your baby will be safe in their company.

If you’re the type to go for medium dog breeds, then it’s recommended you go for a Labrador. These dogs are extremely intelligent and full of energy. They will be good play mates for your little one as they love to play with people. They also have a strong sense of responsibility which makes them great around babies as they’re the type not to jump on them, but will keep an eye out and alert you if something goes wrong.

If you’re the type to go for smaller dog breeds, then it’s recommended that you go for a Bulldog. These dogs are great around children, especially babies. They’re not very energetic but they do love some attention. Just what your baby needs to keep them on their toes!

That concludes our list! If your choice breed isn’t on our list, all you need to do is keep in mind the main qualities that make a dog great around young children like babies, is their sense of responsibility and energy levels. As long as they have these two things, your baby will be in good hands with any type of dog.


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