Outback Diner Subscription Box


Serves up a hearty helping of fun for your pup! This adorable, durable hamburger toy is a tasty addition to your dog’s playtime menu, satisfying their craving for playful adventures. Treat your furry friend to a sizzling good time

Mary's Milkshake

Shake up your pup’s playtime! This charming, durable toy brings a touch of sweet nostalgia to your dog’s adventures, making it the perfect addition to their toy collection. Let your furry friend indulge in some good old-fashioned fun with Mary’s Milkshake Dog Toy!

100% Kangaroo Bites

Dehydrated kangaroo treats that’ll have your pup jumping for joy! These Outback-inspired snacks offer a unique, lean protein source packed with essential nutrients. Treat your furry mate to a wild taste adventure with these delicious and wholesome Kangaroo Hop Bites!

Shamrock Cookies

Veggie-packed dog treats with broccoli, spinach, and seaweed, these cookies offer antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Made in small batches by Salty Dogs Barkery, they’re a tasty, nutritious Outback adventure for your pup!


Every crate comes with a delicious chew! This will keep them going for a bit and help to clean their teeth! These make less of a mess than bully sticks and are odour free! 

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