Hawaii Luau Dog Subscription Box

Lenny The Pineapple

Bringing the spirit of the islands right to your doorstep. Crafted with vibrant, pineapple-inspired design, Lenny is perfect for endless hours of fun, frolic, and fetch. As your furry friend chomps and chews on this durable, plush toy, they’ll be transported to the sandy shores of a Hawaiian beach

Watermelon Treat Dispensor

Shaped like a juicy watermelon, this toy dispenses tasty treats during playtime, just like the delicious fruits served at a traditional Hawaiian luau. Made with durable materials and easy to clean, it’s the perfect way to keep your pup entertained and satisfied on those hot summer days.

Banana Trail Bites

Get ready to hula with our handmade luau treats! Packed with healthy ingredients like bananas for potassium and coconut oil for skin and coat health, these delectable snacks are perfect for any beach-loving pup. And with their delicious coconut shavings, every bite is like a tropical vacation for your furry friend!

Capelin Whole Fish

Surf’s up with our 100% Capelin Fish Treat! Your pup will be transported to a Hawaiian luau with every delicious bite. Made with sustainably sourced fish and loaded with Omega-3s, this treat is a healthy and exciting way to reward your furry friend.

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