Dogritos Chips

Packed full of flavoursome cheesey fun, your doggo won’t be able to stop at just one borktilla chip. These Dogritos are a classic playtime toy for pooches who are feeling a little peckish and might have you craving the real thing too. Fitted with a squeaker for added playtime enjoyment and endless fun.

Pupsi Can (zero sugar🤣)

Get your paws on a Squeaky Pupsi or two! A delicious soda that’ll have every pooch salivating at the sight of it. Crack open a can, refresh and let the fun times begin.

SuperDogtendo Controller

Sploot and Boop your way Geek out and hit the play button on this Superdogtendo play system. Unlike any other video game systems ours is made to be played outside. Your pooch will be leveling up its playtime with this super fun and plush toy.

Yes... It's Burger Sliders

Take your doggie dude out for a little fast food with Boucherie Burger Sliders & Liver Flavor Dog Treats. These 100% natural beef treats for dogs are designed in the shape of burger patties and crafted with a crunchy texture and savory flavor. They feature beef liver as a paw-fect source of protein and vitamin A. These beef treats are made in Canada and do not contain any additives, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Freshly Baked Doggystyle donuts

We outdid ourselves here. Donuts for your little furball to get the controller dirty with. They are freshly baked just a day before shipping and are seriously delicious. Don’t ask us how we know that…. 🤣


Every crate comes with a delicious chew! This will keep them going for a bit and help to clean their teeth! These make less of a mess than bully sticks and are odour free!