Fathers Day 2022: Funny and Memorable Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dads are notorious for their sense of humour. Whether it be a deadpan one-liner or the silliest pun in the universe, cracking “dad jokes” is part and parcel of being a father – it’s right there in the job title. Little wonder then that when Father’s Day rolls around, most of us want to put a smile on our old man’s face.

That’s easier said than done.

Finding the best funny and memorable gifts for Dad can leave you scratching your head. Nothing seems right. We’re after Dad’s hearty chuckle, not a groan.

You’re in luck. Below we’ve scoured the internet for the best funny Father’s Day gift ideas available. From wacky coasters to books of bad dad jokes, we’ve got the ultimate gift ideas for when you wish Happy Father’s Day to your dad.

Funny and Memorable Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1        Dog Subscription Service

There’s only one present on the list for dog-loving dads: a doggy subscription service. These crates are jam-packed with dog treats, from delicious jerkies, healthy nibbles, and a couple of wonderful dog toys. 

Curated with love, the WoofCrate subscription boxes can be ordered every 1, 3, 6, or 12 months or just order a one-off crate – you choose! You’ll always find a fantastic selection of items with no artificial ingredients, all made with love in Canada. What’s not to like?!

It’s a pawesome gift this Father’s Day for a dog loving Dad!

2        Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Is your dad legendary for belting out songs with the wrong words? If so, there’s no greater present than the Mistake Lyrics Coasters.

These cork coasters involve classic pop and rock songs, featuring famous lyrics like “Hold me closer, Tony Danza” and other hilarious suggestions. You can choose the featured lyrics depending on your dad’s music taste: opt for the ’80s, ’90s, classic rock, greatest hits, and more.

3        Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Imagine being able to create a breakfast sandwich with a single device – there isn’t a dad alive who hasn’t lain awake thinking about such an invention. Now that fantasy is a reality.

In fact, with this breakfast sandwich maker, you’ll shoot to the top of your dad’s favourite child rankings. Of all the gifts for dad, this is one option that’ll serve him for years to come. And while it’s definitely amusing, it’s also practicable. You couldn’t ask for a more memorable Father’s Day gift idea.

4        The Meat Bouquet

For Mother’s Day, there’s no better gift than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. While daffodils, violets, or carnations are lost on dear old dad, there’s something he can’t fail to appreciate… a giant bouquet of delicious meat.

Containing 3 or 6 delectable gourmet salamis, they’ll vanish quicker than a bouquet of freshly cut flowers will last. Indeed, the quickest way to your dad’s heart is through his stomach. If you’re wondering how to wish your dad Happy Father’s Day, try a meat bouquet – it’s definitely unforgettable.

5        Book of Bad Dad Jokes

Is dad running out of dad jokes? Have you heard the same joke a dozen times before? Well, with a book of Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes, he’ll have enough material to last him years – till he’s telling grandfather jokes. Expect to groan and grimace through the exceptionally awful pages of terrible jokes… your dad will love it!

Here’s a taster: “To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will find you. You have my Word.”

Just be careful; armed with these jokes, your dad will be boring family gatherings for years to come.

6        Burrito Blanket

What better addition to a mancave than a burrito blanket? Gifts for dad can be as wacky as you like. If your dad’s a movie buff, the burrito blanket is the perfect complement.

The blanket comes in four sizes, so it’s perfect for dads of all different shapes. And if your dad is more of a naan bread or pepperoni pizza kind of guy, there’s a blanket for him too.

7        Six-Pack Apron

No dad cooking up steaks on the grill or burgers on a BBQ is complete without a six-pack apron. It’s a symbol of dignity and maturity and killer rock-hard abs.

There’s nothing more manly than a novelty kitchen apron as a throwback to your dad’s glory days. And it’ll keep his clothes clean; all he needs to do is throw it in the wash after a grilling session. The apron is one-size-fits-all.

8        Card Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is rapidly becoming one of the most popular games in the world. Designed for those with a dark and twisted sense of humour, it’s a hilarious – albeit occasionally disturbing – Father’s Day gift idea. As the tagline reads: “A party game for horrible people.”

The game is simple: fill in the blank words of a sentence with the phrases contained on your cards. Whoever has the most disturbing sense of humour wins – points for being offensive, cruel, or unforgiving. It’s not a game for the faint-hearted.

9        Humorous mug

Whether it’s his home mug or he’s proudly showing it off around the office, a humorous mug is always a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea.

These personalised hobby mugs depict your dad doing his favourite activities – be it grilling, chilling, reading, and more. All you need to do is choose your dad’s hobby, skin tone, hair, clothing, and name (“Dad”, obviously).

Even better, you can get the mug for every family member until you’ve got a full house of mugs. It’s a fun little Father’s Day gift idea.

10    Box of Dad Jokes

Moved away from home? No longer have to suffer dad’s endless practical jokes? Well, maybe encouraging him doesn’t matter anymore. With a box of dad jokes, you can upgrade his arsenal.

It’s definitely a usual gift for dads – but you can already see their mischievous minds at work. From hand buzzers to fake vomit, it’s a perfect present if you’ve still got siblings at home for your dad to mess with – and planning out the pranks is a fun way to get closer to your old man.

11    Personalised Wrapping Paper

Your funny present doesn’t even have to be the funny part. Go bonkers from the start with your dad’s face emblazoned on the wrapping paper. It’ll certainly be a surprise when you wish him Happy Father’s Day.

Plus, if there’s any wrapping paper left over, you just know it’ll reappear on birthdays and Christmas. Even your siblings can open presents wrapped up in your dad’s mug – what could be funnier than that?

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