Sniffany & Co. Diamond Ring

proudly presenting the crème de la crème of dog toys. This Sniffany & Co European-cut diamond plush toy is simply spectacular with its internal squeaker. It’s true what they say, diamonds are a pup’s best furrend!

Grucci Eau De Hound

Grrucci Eau De Hound by Grrucci, a name recognised at all the dog parks. A complex yet subtle combination of favorite puppy notes allows wearers to easily dab on for a day at doggy daycare or on a night time walk! 

Dukes Ring & Gift Box

The power chewers need a little more meat for their bite. That’s why we made sure that their wedding would have appropriate accessorized power chewing toys! 

One Ingredient Turkey 🦃

🍗 100% Turkey all natural dog treats provides exceptional quality made from only a  single ingredient without chemicals, additives or preservatives. These treats are as natural as they come as food is health.

Haddie Bites from newport Nova Scotia

Single ingredient, air dried haddock skins are layered and cut into bite sized cubes. These crunchy, and delicious treats are hand made with cold water Haddock skins. Salty Dogs Haddock Bites offer an excellent source of rich omega acids, providing a healthy dog chew that is great for skin, coat and dental health. 


Every crate comes with a delicious chew! This will keep them going for a bit and help to clean their teeth! These make less of a mess than bully sticks and are odour free!