Current Contests and Activities

Contest Options are as follows:

Video Contest:

If you feeling energized, go ahead and take a video of atleast 60 seconds. This video will be a short unboxing of the contents of a WoofCrate. Post this video on YouTube. Within the title of the video the words “WoofCrate Unboxing” must be included. Then just share the link with us below!

Photo Contest:

If your not up to the task, you can go ahead and post a picture of your pup with the Canadian themed WoofCrate tie/bow on him/her. This picture will be posted on your social media account with an @WoofCrate and a #WoofCrateCanada

Fill in the form below after you have created the unboxing video of your WoofCrate to get entered into the contest!

What's in it for me!?

The prizes are different for these 2 contests.


 For the video contest; you can place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Depending on these postions your prize will be different. 1st place will receive 12 months crates, 2nd place will receive 6 months of crates, and 3rd place will receive 3 months of crates. You only have to pay shipping on these crates! that’s all! simple and awesome. 


For the Photo Contest you can win 3 months of crates and will only have to pay shipping. Up to 3 people can win this prize. 


This makes for a fantastic 30 months worth of WoofCrate being given away! WOW! That’s alot of tail wagging!

Okay i'm in! How does this work?



Video Guide: 

Photo Guide:

Submissions through March are valid