5 Phenomenal Corporate Gift Ideas for 2022

Do you have a client who’s been an absolute pleasure to work alongside? Is your colleague an unsung hero coming to the rescue in an IT emergency? Corporate gifts are a simple way to say thank you from the heart. It could be a luxury gift basket, personalised stationery, or delicious delivery of baked goods.

Nor are corporate gifts restricted to being an extra big thank you. You can send company gifts for birthdays, holidays, life achievements, client appreciation, an employee’s company anniversary… and, of course, corporate Christmas gifts.

Whatever you choose to give, company gifts are a special experience. Often coming as a complete surprise, they can make the day, month, or year of the unsuspecting client or employee.

Here’s why corporate gifts are amazing for business – and a few ideas of what to buy.

Why you should always send corporate gifts

1        Build client loyalty

Who doesn’t love a free company gift? Even better if it’s a reward for a fantastic client-company relationship. While clients stick around due to high-quality services or products, impeccable customer service, and more, they’re more likely to forgive a few indiscretions after a fabulous gift basket.

Perhaps you had a difficult quarter, and you want to thank the client for giving you the benefit of the doubt. Or maybe you’re just celebrating your client’s anniversary with your company.

2        Motivate your team

Teams run on camaraderie and motivation. If you want to give your employees something to talk about, add a little kick to their step, then a company gift is perfect. You could be saying well done for a difficult year, making a big deal out of an employee getting married or having a child, or even just getting the whole office corporate Christmas gifts.

It’s a wonderful way to remind everyone you’re a business family.

3        Persuade prospects into customers

Prospects are searching for a company that cares – that’ll go the extra mile. There’s no better way to demonstrate your commitment than a corporate gift. Start your business relationship off with a personalised welcome gift – something to bring a smile to their face.

The more memorable your gift, the more likely the customer will keep coming back.

4        Reward excellence

If an employee goes above and beyond on the job, they should be rewarded. Too many companies fail to reward their hardest and most successful employees; it’s not just about pay rises; it’s about feeling appreciated.

A company gift can go a long way to developing loyalty. Not all gifts need to be hundreds of dollars. Even small corporate gifts – a snack box or gift voucher – are a welcome surprise.

5        Develop a company culture

All companies have a unique culture. Some are laid back and carefree; others are rigid, cold, and uptight. Few things work better than company gifts to create a generous, upbeat, and helpful company culture.

When people feel valued, they’re more likely to go out of their way to help others. Giving becomes the norm, not the exception. Moreover, people know that if they work hard, it’ll be recognised – even if not with a salary raise.

Corporate gift ideas in 2022

1        Gift baskets

Choosing a corporate gift idea is no easy task (even worse if it’s a corporate Christmas gift). Finding something everyone wants often means turning to the trusted gift basket.

Whether it’s laden with fruits, wellness products (like tea, candles, tumbler, etc.), or brimming with delicious luxury snacks, gift boxes cater to all – across genders, cultures, and more.

After all, who doesn’t want a box of goodies to enjoy and share?

2        Baked goods

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with baked goods. Be it a box of brownies, cookies, or a cake, they’ll brighten everyone’s day, from clients to employees. You’ll soon become the hit of your client’s office.

Send cookies personalised with your company logo or special messages if you want to go the extra mile.

3        Gift vouchers

When you can’t decide what to buy, you can always let the client or employee decide. Perfect for corporate Christmas gifts, vouchers can be standardised and budgeted. Even better, new e-gift cards no longer need a physical plastic card or paper voucher.

Using an app, e-gift cards store your balance digitally, being usable at any store online or in-person – meaning the gift is 100% tailored to a person’s preferences.

4        Personalised stationery

Personalised stationery remains one of the most popular corporate gifts. Ever useful and memorable, a pen, notebook, eraser, or pencil personalised with your client’s business or given name is a phenomenal bespoke gift.

An engraved pen, for instance, is a wonderful gift for an employee who has worked with the business for several years or more. It’s a mark of respect and gratitude – and it’ll last for years to come.

5        Subscription service

Few corporate gift ideas are better than a subscription service. Whether you’re purchasing a gym subscription or a dog subscription box, there’s something for everyone. In fact, our dog subscription box is an extremely popular choice for companies – bridging the gap between gift boxes, gift vouchers, and a subscription service.

For any proud dog lover, it’s a thoughtful, memorable, and rewarding gift unlike any other. Here at WoofCrate, for example, our subscription boxes are a pawesome gift idea brimming with doggy treats, toys, and much more. Indeed, we recently ran a huge corporate gift event with the wonderful Deloitte – it was a huge success and our selection of gift box subscriptions and gift vouchers were hugely popular.

It’s time to think outside the gift box – and consider purchasing a fun-loving dog subscription service.

Corporate gifts can be anything

Despite corporate gifts often being similar, the possibilities are endless. You could give an enamel camping mug, a business bag, a new camera, or a day trip to a spa. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Think about who you’re buying for, what they’d want, and what is appropriate in a business context. If you’re purchasing corporate Christmas gifts for your whole office, consider an inexpensive present suitable for everyone.

Whatever the occasion, there’s a corporate gift for everyone.

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