15 of the Most Followed Dogs on Instagram

It certainly is a dog’s life.

In the words of Baha Men, “Who let the dogs out?”

The Dog Influencers are taking over. 

That’s right. Move over humans. It’s a dog’s world now. Word on the street is that when you’re

not at home, your furry canine–a.k.a your best friend–has grabbed that old smartphone you had

tucked away in your drawer, and they have taken to social media. 

Our clients here at Woof Crate have been spilling the beans, and we had to see this excitement

for ourselves.  We opened up our laptop and asked Google the question, “Who are the top 15

dogs on Instagram?” We were pleasantly surprised by the results. 

These furry friends are too cute not to share. Who will be the top dog on Instagram? Keep 

reading to find out.

Kicking off the pack at…

Number 15

@the_golden18 – Followers: 446 K

There isn’t a square on Charlie’s Instagram feed where he’s not up to something. Usually, it’s

dragging Mr. Quakers—his cute stuffed duck—around by its beak. 

Combine that face with Charlie’s innocent Golden Retriever mischievous “I’m too sexy for my

feed” eyes and you can’t help but admire the brilliance that is Charlie.

Number 14

@Manny_the_frenchie – Followers: 1 million

Manny, a French Bulldog, has a heart of gold.

At one million followers, Manny uses his star power to give back to his community. He is also

the author of a book called Manny, the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness. 

With friends like Wiz Khalifa, and a “philanthro-pup,” spirit, why wouldn’t Manny be happy?

Manny is a dog following his passions. 

Number 13

@My_aussie_gal – Followers 1.1 million

Shhh, it’s Secret. The not-so-secret Australian Shepherd from Down Under.

With over one million followers, Secret and the human best friend Mary are always learning. 

Whether learning to paint, garden or strike a downward dog po yoga, this dynamic duo has created a strong bond.

Number 12

@Thiswildidea – Followers: 1.3 million

A wild idea indeed.

Maddie is yet another dog throwing caution to the wind and following its nose.

Maddie, a coonhound from Montana, is exceptionally photogenic. Good thing Maddie’s human,

Theron Humphrey has an eye for capturing gorgeous photos.

Maddie was made for Montana, and the backcountry of Montana filled with mountains, lakes

and open fields provide the perfect backdrop for all of Maddie’s roaming.

Roam if you want to, Maddie, the backroads were meant for exploring!

Number 11

@Ppteamaria – Followers: 1.5 million

One would think that with a famous brother like Kler, Aria would be jealous. Quite the contrary.

Aria tells us that she’s incredibly proud of her brother Kler’s success. 

Looking all stylish in her brown coat, Aria–another dachshund–is often seen running with the

pack and keeping up with the family.

Besides, Aria’s accomplishments on Instagram deserve its own special acknowledgment. With

one and a half million followers, Aria can continue to strut her stuff. 

We see you, Aria. You’ve got our attention.

Number 10

@HarlowandSage – Followers: 1.7 million

Unfortunately, at the time of compiling this list, Sage is no longer with us. Rest In Peace, Sage.

We hope that big dog heaven is treating you well.

In any case, Harlow chiming in at 13.5 years young teams up daily with a few young pups to

keep in shape.

Pouncing around with the youngins—Ezra, Reece, Indiana and Mae has certainly kept Harlow

on her paws. When you’re outnumbered 3:1, you simply roll with it.

Number 9

@PpteamKler – Follower: 1.7 million

Number nine on the list is Kler. Described as both adventurous and fearless, Kler—the mini

dachshund prefers the company of many other tiny friends. And his siter Aria.

However, when not accompanied by its human, Kler can be found lounging around plotting the

next adventure.

Number 8

@Loki – Followers: 1.9 million

Okey-dokey, Loki!

Loki is part wolf, part husky, part malamute, and all heart. A dog born for adventure.

Loki spends most of its time in the great outdoors exploring nature, paws to the ground and nose

in the wind. There isn’t an adventure too wild and crazy. An Loki prefers to travel off the beaten


In our opinion, we should all be a little more like Loki.

Number 7

@Mayapolarbear – Followers: 2 million

If Santa Claus had a dog, Maya would be the one. Maya delights her followers with a mixture of

playful and preciousness packaged in an ample amount of white fur.

It’s challenging to have a bad day when you watch Maya the Samoyed, who looks like a tiny

polar bear, paw through life. If you’re looking to cuddle up with cuteness Maya is your friend. 

Number 6

@Tunameltsmyheart – Followers: 2 million

Life is like a bowl of… Nope…life is simply like a Chiweenie. And this Chiweenie’s name is


So, what exactly is a Chiweenie, you ask? Well, check out @tunameltsmyheart for a glimpse of

all this awesomeness packed into one small dog.

All teeth and no bite, Tuna melts all our hearts.

🎶We see an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weenie, brown toothy little Chiweenie 🎶 

Number 5

@tecuaniventura – Followers: 2.1 million

Russian Bulldog Caramel seems to be caught between two dreams—eating and losing weight.

The struggle is real, Caramel. The struggle is real.

However, with a magnetic personality such as yours and the most diverse wardrobe we have ever

seen—you do you!

Hey, is that a Russian dumpling in your jowls? Or are you just happy to see us?

Number 4

@Marutaro – Followers: 2.5 million

こんにちは (Kon’nichiwa) Marutaro!

Marutaro, a Japanese Shiba, loves to sing. As soon as its human starts strumming, Marutaro

starts shaking its tail and barking out a tune. With a voice like that, it’s no surprise that Marutaro

is one of the top fifteen most followed dogs on Instagram. 

Always smiling, Marutaro has us wanting to jump on a plane to Japan and tag along to sing some

tunes and adventure.

Number 3

@Tuckerbudzyn – Followers: 3.1 million

The Golden Retrievers are all barking at the name Tuckerbudzyn. Tucker, a well-groomed

Golden Retriever is the king of captivating captions. His playful nature had his audience 

engaged in all his shenanigans. 

“Stay golden Tuckerbudzyn, Stay golden.”

Number 2

@Itsdougthepug – Followers: 3.9 million

It’s Doug the pug knows how to live life. From recreating scenes out of movies—hey, look, it’s

Pug player number 456, from the movie Squid Games. When travelling around the globe (pre-

pandemic), Doug the pug keeps the PAW-parazzi on their toes, cameras aimed and ready for a

pug appearance. 

Favourite pastime? You guessed it, hanging out with its human, protecting its little feline sister

Fiona and sharing some love.

Doug is a pug with a purpose. 

Your most memorable moment, Doug? Meeting the country legend, Dolly Parton. And in the

words of Doug the pug, “I’ll never wash that paw again,”

Number 1

@Jiffpom – Followers: 10.1 million and counting

Enter cuteness overload. At 10.1 million followers, Jiff has us wanting to jump through the

screen and kiss that kissable, furry little face. What is cuter than a Pomeranian dressed as Elmo

for Halloween? Nothing! Nothing even comes close.

Jiff is a pup-prenuer with a line of woof wear called @jiffpomcutelife clothing for dogs. Oh,

what a cute life indeed. 

When you run with the big dogs—Diane Keaton and Tatum O’Neal are amongst Jiff’s followers

you know you have star power.

Well, there you have it. Woof Crate’s top 15 most followed dogs on Instagram. If you were

having a bad day, we’ll bet that you now have one big smile on your face, and a spring in your


You’re welcome!

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